Weddings and Events

Rabble Flowers offers full service and a la carte wedding flowers to ‘rouse the rabble’ and incite good times in the greater Indianapolis area and the state of Indiana. We are lucky to work with couples who are looking for a fully customized experience for their unique style. We partner with local flower farmers and flower vendors to support the creative and hardworking folks in our community.

We believe flowers are about the present moment. We know that when a rose opens to its fullest, we witness the greatest expression of its beauty. Fleeting and ephemeral as the moment you approach the altar adorn with flowers… That is what we do best. That is what we value most. We would be blessed and delighted to be your florist. 

All customers welcome. 

In-person, phone, or zoom consultations are free and we are currently booking for 2021 – 2022.